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Your Miracle Monday – Music Conquers Alzheimer’s

My Wellness Revolution

On the Wellness Revolution, we bring you reports from what we call the Miracle Zone – the conditions that allow miracles to occur in our lives.

Last night, conditions were right and a most personal miracle was revealed to me.

It is not enough to say that I have lost my most dear to dementia including Alzheimer’s. It is not enough to say I am losing one now.

Losing people in this way crushes my heart, and drains my will to live. But a miracle I have prayed for every night for months has occurred and my heart is soaring.

Watch the video here and let this miracle free your heart too. Change our world with this new freedom and let the love and wisdom of our elders sing through us again.

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  • caroline

    what music are they using ?

    • Music from different periods of the person’s life, particularly if they had a connection certain songs or styles of music. Whatever the person would most strongly identify with. If they were a dancer, what they performed to etc.

  • Brigitte

    Singing to my old mother is the last link I have with her for months. She has been with Alzheimer for 10 years now, and can’t speak any more. Once I was so sad to see her unable to speak and almost unable to eat, that I started to sing for her, using “the voice of my soul”, a voice technique I teach. For several minutes she didn’t reacted. And suddenly, there was such a smile in her face, she was crying and kissed me. Last time, she could even say a sentence to me when she saw I was starting to sing: “it is as if we were happier now”… and I know she waits for my singing. Hearing is the earliest sense that starts in the foetus’brain and is situated in a place of the brain that is the last damaged by Alzheimer.

    • Thank you Brigitte. Try playing her some songs from her youth and adult years. I’m sure you will see a strong reaction to those. Wonderful that you sing to her. Wonderful that you have let us all know.

  • Rinkydink049

    I sang “Jeremiah was a bullfrog” and my big brother with end stage alzheimers sang back “was a good friend of mine.” He cannot put a sentence together to speak so I know this works. He is 66 years old. It is so hard to watch him uncommunicative and restless.

    • Try playing the song for him through an ipad or other playback device. Give him all his favorites or the most popular of his times. Let us know how that goes, please.

My Wellness Revolution

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My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

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