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Merry Christmas

A Christmas angel. Peace on Earth.


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  • Tina Allain

    awesome 🙂 merry christmas

  • nancy

    was that you. heartfelt and precious , thank you

  • Ray

    What a lovely voice that little girl has it was a great pleasure to listen to her – thank you sweet child.

  • Blanka


  • hzharris

    Just beautiful! Have a wonderful holiday. Blessings. Helaine

  • Allison

    What a pretty sweet child with an angelic voice. I got goose bumps!

    AND what wonderful, generous and amazing Gifts dear Adoley and Jim.And to your friends who have given us such exciting MP3s. Grateful thanks!

    Sorry I had to keep signing up – I kept losing the page when I downloaded an item. Is there a way to keep the download page constant? Please ignore the multiple registrations; sorry.

    Have the best year ever in 2015!
    Blessings and Joy,


  • Suzie

    Lovely! Merry Christmas to all

  • Lily

    Thanks Adoley and Jim that is a beautiful gift what an Angel!!!!

  • Debra and Bert

    Well done young lady!

  • Gracie

    Simply ……. AMAZING !!!! Beautiful, my eyes are filled with tears, my heart is full and I am so grateful that you thought to share this angelic gift with others. An angel is surely in our presence……Blessings

  • Dona

    Waaw ,
    Wonderful! Amazing to hear yourAngelvoice.
    Realy feel the Spirit.

  • Pauline

    She took my breath away…………Thank you and Much Love <3

  • Joyce Bucholz

    Absolutely beautiful – thank you so much. Love and Merry Christmas to all!

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