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Murdered Holistic Doctors Conspiracy Theory Challenged

By Jim Proser

The months of July, August and September seemed to be deadly ones if you were a prominent holistic or naturopathic doctor.

At least that is the implication of several independent health writers circulating these stories on the internet currently. So we did a little digging to find out more.  This is the first report in our series about healthy living at home.

While these reports are disturbingly coincidental, we have reporting from writer Kim LaCapria for that states, “Some sources have attempted to link all the deceased doctors together through the common thread of their advocacy of Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor, or GcMAF, a protein that a handful of doctors have claimed can cure anything from cancer to autism by boosting the human immune system. However, only Dr. Bradstreet has been connected to its use.”

Independent writer Erin Elizabeth vigorously refutes the reporting by Snopes, saying, “I also want to share a message with all of you: despite what Snopes has written about my articles – I’ve always maintained I don’t know if these are connected. We already have doctors reaching out to us today who are nervous because of the recent spate of deaths of holistic doctors – many of whom we knew. (Snopes actually attempted to debunk an article that was correct and quietly had to change their false info on their site)”.


US News and World Report reported that 29 holistic doctors, some suffering “life threatening conditions” were poisoned with banned amphetamines at a health conference in Germany.  A criminal investigation is underway there.

In the United States, 11 holistic doctors were killed or are missing from Florida to California. Independent health reporters Erin Elizabeth and Lori Alton have been reporting on these stories that have been sparsely covered by traditional media.


29 “holistic doctors/ naturopaths ” …(were) found lying in the garden”  and some staggering doubled over in pain, some in a “life threatening” state of poisoning from “psychedelic drug 2C-E or Aquarust “. They were all in attendance at an “alt med” Homeopathic Health Conference.

Those who could speak allegedly said they didn’t knowingly take anything that would cause this. Some were hallucinating and some too sick to be questioned and were hospitalized. 15 ambulances along with a helicopter  were sent in to help.Torsten Passie, a member of the German government’s expert commission for narcotics, told NDR: “It must have been a multiple overdose. That does not support the view that the people concerned took the hallucinogen knowingly.

“One has to assume that people were not told about the substance, its effects and risks before taking it.”

Erin Elizabeth reported the psychedelic drug 2C-E or Aquarust was banned in Germany last year.  It has an euphoric effect and, like Ecstasy and Speed, belongs to the group of synthetically-produced amphetamines.

Some patients were administered sedatives en route to hospital, said the emergency response physician who headed the rescue operation, Dr. Kai


Erin Elizabeth reported on July 21 that yet another doctor, Dr. Baron Holt, 33, was found murdered inside his home on the East Coast of Florida.

This made six doctors found dead in the last month.

The Raleigh, North Carolina News & Observer reported that, “Holt’s practice, Revolution Chiropractic, had just celebrated its fifth anniversary this year.

Highly fit at 33, he was deeply connected to his Christian faith, and his career as a Triangle practitioner was booming.

Holt took a holistic approach to treatment; he and his staff taught classes on nutrition, exercise, and even aromatherapy.”

“In 2012, he traveled to London to work with the U.S. Olympic team, and could count Ultimate Fighting Championship athletes among the 500 patients his practice saw each week,” said Brigitte Spurgeon, friend and Revolution Chiropractic clinical director.

Erin Elizabeth also reported on the timeline of doctor deaths and disappearances recently:

1) June 19th, 2015 – Dr Bradstreet, formerly of Florida, now practicing in Georgia was found with a gunshot wound to his chest in a river.

This same day in Mexico, on June 19th, 2015, three doctors were traveling to the State Capital in Mexico, to deliver some papers. They were reported missing that day. This is the only case outside of the US. Authorities said they found the bodies, but the family says those bodies look nothing like their family members; and they are demanding more proof and more testing.

Snopes reporter Kim LaCapria seems to contest this account, “As for the missing Mexican doctors, a 9 July 2015 article in the Daily Beast profiled their case and gave no indication that the individuals affected were in any way affiliated with alternative medicine or were on the radar of the FDA. In fact, there are no clear parallels between the deceased “holistic health doctors” included in the conspiracy theory and the missing Mexican doctors that we could find.”

2) June 21st, 2015 – Father’s Day: Dr. Baron Holt, described above, and Dr. Steven Hedendal of Florida were both found dead on the East Coast, both were described as very fit.

3) June 29th, 2015 – Holistic doctor Theresa Sievers MD was found murdered in her home. Her co-worker says she was known as the “Mother Teresa of South Florida.”  Authorities now say that she was targeted. Her murder was not random, nor was it a home invasion.

UPDATE: Two suspects have been arrested in this murder.

On this very same day, June 29th, Jeffrey Whiteside MD a pulmonologist went missing, vanishing when he simply “walked away”. Dr. Whiteside, known for his successful treatment of lung cancer, disappeared in Door County, Wisconsin, while vacationing with family. They say he was on foot, and had no vehicle; and numerous reports call it “mysterious,” saying he vanished without a trace.

4) July 3rd, 2015 – Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick MD goes missing. He was traveling from North Dakota, to neighboring Montana.  His truck and trailer were found on the side of the road. The search has expanded, but authorities say he too vanished without a trace.

5) July 10th, 2015 – Lisa Riley DO (Doctor of Osteopathic medicine) is found in her home with a gunshot wound to her head.  Her husband, a person of interest, had no gunshot residue on his hands.


Snopes cites demographic research suggesting that the number of doctors dying is well within the normal range, “Each month approximately 700 doctors would die (based upon the number of American doctors and the number of overall deaths), thirteen of whom could be expected to live in Florida before accounting for rate fluctuations based on whether a state (like Florida) is exceptionally populous. As such, six to eight deaths is well within the realm of expected doctor deaths.”

We expect that Erin Elizabeth disagrees with this dismissal of the deaths of several of her colleagues as a normal occurrence.

We will continue to monitor our sources and report any developments as they occur.


This report was provided with the generous support of our sponsor Maria Whalen’s Invincible Wellness System – get 100% well now and never get sick again.

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  • Please post any information you may have here, so we can follow it up and complete this story.

  • Rebecca Stewart

    Thanks for this information. It does seem very, very strange that doctors who were healthy died, were murdered, or disappeared like this. Please keep posting information about this.

  • M A

    I have had my suspicions regarding the validity of snopes for a long time now. After researching their “opinions” regarding many subjects that are concealed by agencies etc and finding snopes claiming “false” while I know for a fact it’s true, I have ceased using their site for information. I hope people see through their lies and start investigating for themselves instead of looking for answers from outside sources who can be bought and paid for.

    • I am very interested in knowing your source of info on Snopes. If they are bad guys, we need to expose them. Please post any facts or sources you may find. Thanks.

  • Linda

    I shared this on FB but truly do not like FB. Still these deaths and losses are not getting the attention that they deserve. Thank you for reporting and please continue to enlighten us on this important subject, there is a pattern and certainly a reason for these “happenings”. We needed these doctors and their expertise and we do not need those others “left behind” to live in fear or abandon their wonderful way of treating illness, like cancer etc. Again, thank you.

  • green

    Although I can’t cite the source, I read an article a couple of months ago stating Snopes was not a trustworthy site. Another article I can’t cite discussed the deaths (murders in my opinion) of these holistic doctors. The families are disputing police reports calling some of them suicides. I believe authorities have tried to claim Dr. Bradstreet’s death was due to suicide. His family is says, NO. The article also stated Dr. Bradstreet’s clinic was raided by the FDA two weeks before he was found dead. It would be interesting to know in which NC river he was found. There are too many deaths by gunshot and disappearances for this not to be traced to our corrupt government. The FDA, CDC and pharmaceuticals are playing a very deadly and evil game.

    • I am not quite ready to go there with you but I am very much interested in following the facts. If you have any or any resources to the facts, please let me know.

  • Lee L. Marquis

    What about Dr Gonzales?

    • Dr. Gonzalez seemed to be clearly a heart condition, and outside of the realm of possible foul play but I have not looked into toxicology or other evidence. If you have any sources to pursue this, please let me know.

  • paula asikainen

    My husband and son are naturopathic physicians. It has been discussed that these doctors were outspoken against vaccines. It wouldn’t be surprising since the pharmaceuticals make bisons annually on vaccines. People are making important decisions based on information from those sources only.

    • Thank you and may you stay safe and well. I am not convinced yet that something is going on, but it is worth watching. Please let me know if you hear of anything further on this story.

  • Deals Gal

    Excellent Article Jim, I have posted this several times to my Facebooks pages and groups. It’s better to be aware and know that something suspicious is occurring that to ignore it and find out later something could have been done, with public awareness. Sometimes just awareness slows a pattern of conspiracy from continuing if it is there are stops it dead in it’s tracks. Let’s all pay attention, there are always politics when it comes to money. Let’s face it our food and are health are “big money” industries.

  • Kari Nelson

    I can understand the expected number of deaths per month are not out of range, but what is the expected number of murders per month? They are two very different things, not to be confused.

    • Good point. I will review the numbers and address this in a follow up piece. Nice catch!

  • Denise

    Wow Jim. I’ve read 2 of your recent articles and have to say. I wonder if you are a shill. Or just in denial of the deaths of the Doctors. Snopes is not reliable sources information for the media hype. Doctors not only are in the same circle and fighting for the same causes but the rabbit hole runs deep. Vaccines are only the tip of the iceberg. We are talking about supressed natural cures for Cancer. Multi millions of money to conventional treatment centers and today’s pharmaceutical. Do you know your conventional MD is not allowed to share alternative treatments with you. They can loose their AMA (Rockefeller training for school-big pharma ) Good luck I hope you wake from the dream before it’s too late.

  • denise

    There are two ways to be fooled. one is to believe what isn’t true. the other is to refuse to accept what is true

  • Denise


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