Kelly Hampton

Kelly Hampton is rapidly becoming one of the top international spiritual healers and teachers. She is an angelic, ascended masters, inter-dimensional and elemental channel, a psychic medium; healer, animal communicator, author and inspirational speaker.

She is the founder of multiple NEW 5thD ground-breaking healing systems from Archangel Michael and the Pleaidians: STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY™, Star Healing Equine™, Star Healing for Small AnimalsTM, and Ascended Spaces™ for creating abundance in your homes using another new system given to her by Archangel Michael.

Thousands of people around the world have been helped or miraculously healed now as a result of these powerful Ascension systems.

She is also the author of 2012 And Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael. Her third book, The Book of Animals from Archangel Michael is to be released later in 2014. She has become a regular guest on many Blog Talk Radio shows and is the host of her own show Angels, Ascension and Star Healing Intergalactic Energy currently airing every Wednesday. Kelly is deeply grateful to serve and help empower you!