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Why AIDS is Dead and Magic Johnson is Still Alive

by Jim Proser

If you are reading this, you are not dead.  If you are not dead, you did not die of AIDS.  If you have not yet died of AIDS, you have that in common with NBA legend Magic Johnson and billions of other multi-partner copulators around the world.

So what happened?  After all, Oprah told us in 1987 that,

“Research studies now project that one in five — listen to me, hard to believe — one in five heterosexuals could be dead from AIDS at the end of the next three years. That’s by 1990. One in five.”

That was roughly 60 million people in the US ! – who received a death sentence if foolish enough to have unprotected sex between 1987 and 2008.   But then, after many years and many millions of rutters rutting rudely without latex protection, and not dying as predicted, a rather small, rather Britishly reserved article by Jeremy Laurance was published in the London Independent on Sunday, June 8, 2008.

“A quarter of a century after the outbreak of AIDS, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has accepted that the threat of a global heterosexual pandemic has disappeared.”

Disappeared!  Doesn’t he mean dissipated, or been severely diminished by medical breakthroughs?   No.  It just disappeared. Who knew that deadly viruses that could wipe out millions could also just disappear?  This disappearance mutation must be studied further.

Whew, that was close.   And to think of all the rousing sexcapades we’d all declined out of fear (none).  Why worldwide populations didn’t crash could only be due to the unsung heroes among us who soldiered on, risking intercourse in the face of certain death (not).

The magnificently named spokesman for this little viral hiccup, Dr. Kevin De Cock, head of the WHO’s department of HIV/Aids, continued, “…there will be no generalized epidemic of AIDS in the heterosexual population outside Africa.”

Thanks Dr. De Cock!  Too bad for you poor Africans, but the rest of us are off the hook!

Dr. De Cock (you just can’t get too much of that name in an article like this) an epidemiologist who has spent much of his career leading the battle against the disease, reportedly also said that understanding of the threat posed by the virus had changed. Whereas once it was seen as a risk to populations everywhere, it was now recognized that, outside sub-Saharan Africa, it was confined to high-risk groups including men who have sex with men, injecting drug users, and sex workers and their clients.

Another mutation?  And this one recognized geography since it was now only in sub-Saharan Africa”?   So no worries you “super-Saharan” Africans?  More study is needed desperately.

So like I was saying, too bad for you sub-Saharan African, gay and dope-shooting prostitutes, all of us euro-american hetero potheads and coked up drunks who fornicate rather indiscriminately are off the hook!

Which of course brings us to the venerated NBA.   Magic, why ain’t you dead?

You’re even African, although by accident of birth and sound investment strategies you continue to be an outstanding American.  Is it because the virus, ever mutating in an effort to do some propagating of its own, has recognized the advantage of investing in movie theaters and fried chicken restaurants in challenging neighborhoods?

My sixth sense tells me no.  Perhaps the reason AIDS has not killed our Magic Johnson or our randy nieces and nephews is because it is dead. Or maybe, human beings have instead infected the population of AIDS viruses and wiped them out in an epidemic of adaptive mutation known as  “unprotected sex” common in all segments of society.

I expect Dr. De Cock will pop up again some day with more miraculous news that the epidemic has also disappeared from sub-Saharan Africa.  But who can really tell with something so mysterious as HIV?  After all, this exotic virus used to be the settled scientific consensus.  Now, obviously not.  So much for scientific consensus.

Unfortunately, we also can’t rely on the eminent WHO or Dr. De Cock to explain what actually caused all 20 million “AIDS related” deaths, since their “deadly, sexually transmitted virus theory” sort of disappeared with the epidemic it didn’t cause.

In fact, this theory is now so obviously false to anyone with common sense, that only highly trained medical professionals still believe it.  They will swear that AIDS is still killing people all over the world and will recount the virologist’s creed of low T-cell counts, high viral loads and other relics of the old “gay cancer” days.  Good theories die hard.

But for the rest of us, it remains a mystery, an enigma and I’m driven to my medicine cabinet to get something for my headache.

So, now we must ask the question, qui bono?  Who benefits?  Did someone, some evil terrorist group, benefit from these decades of hysterical virus busting or was it just another episode of random mob hysteria  – one that happens to have lasted for almost 30 years?  The mob is certainly gone but the hysteria is still with us.  Odd.  It’s almost like someone is keeping the hysteria going but in far away Africa or in the ghettos of America where we don’t look too closely.

For this answer we need to follow the money.   Billions of dollars of private donations and government grants went into someones’ pockets.  They had to be on the front lines of the battle for survival against a killer virus.  And they had to produce something for all that money.

Now off with my medicine’s child-proof cap – so thoughtful – protecting our children like that – and I pop the latest pharmaceutical wonder drug into my mouth.

But who?  Who could perpetrate such an evil, brutal mass-murder if it’s not the vanished HIV virus itself?  Ah, it’s becoming clearer now.  It’s just on the tip of my tongue.


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  • Suzy

    You are so right, Jim! AIDS is real, but HIV is a super money-making hoax. Immune deficiency is a lot more complicated than being attacked by a virus that has never been isolated or proven to hurt anyone. And the mainstream treatment, like that of cancer and autoimmune conditions, is responsible for more deaths than the disease itself. Unfortunately, this hoax is alive and well, at least in the healthcare facilities that I have worked in. It takes 17 years for the medical establishment to get around to reading the science. Follow the money and the depopulation agenda and you will see why.

    • Zirah B L Hearn

      Good comment.

    • DawnmeshellRN

      What science? If you work in healthcare you know that to be diagnosed as HIV positive your blood is tested for the virus you say can’t be isolated, to be monitored the amount of that virus in your blood is measured and to be treated you’re prescribed antiretroviral drugs that directly target that supposed erroneous virus. And of course you know, working in healthcare, that an HIV positive pt’s viral load is inversely proportional to ones lymphocytes and thus a decline in immune function. You know that people that are treated can expect to have a normal life expectancy while those that aren’t die in disproportionately high numbers. I haven’t taken so much as an aspirin in years. I believe in natural medicine and that perhaps there are natural approaches to HIV as with other disease, but It is privileged first world nonsense to categorically dismiss the treatment that people all over the world are literally dying to have.

      • Murf

        Same science as when the doctors told my nephew that his toddler’s seizure was totally unrelated to the glut of vaccines the baby just had 12 hours prior. Yet the nurses who have witnessed such reactions on countless occasionsites surreptitiously mouthed the words, “It’s the vaccine.” Follow the $$$

        • DawnmeshellRN

          Categorically dismissing everything doctors say is as unwise as blindly following them. It’s about getting the facts and discerning for yourself. And in the case of HIV it certainly has not disappeared, as the author suggest. However, with treatment the virus can be suppressed to near undetectable amounts thus increasing life expectancy and slowing transmission. With proper treatment HIV sufferers can expect to live a relatively long life with a chronic illness rather than a short life aborted by a death sentence. I myself don’t really take medications if I can help it, but I have to admit antiretrovirals have changed the landscape of this disease. If you don’t believe that look at the countries where they are not readily available, better still look at South Africa where there was a public policy denying the very existence of HIV. See how well that turned out for them.

          • Read “Inventing the AIDS Virus” by Duesberg, an actual researcher, instead of pharma marketing pamphlets.

          • DawnmeshellRN

            You do realize that President Mbeki, whose virus denial policies killed hundreds of thousands of South Africans was influenced by Duesberg who consulted with the president directly? In other words South Africa was a proving ground or in this case disproving ground for Duesberg’s theories and let’s just say it did not turn out pretty.

          • Jim

            Yes, I remember your “one bullet, one skeptic” thug colleagues and your media patsies and your pharma financiers. I remember them very well. You won that battle in Johannesburg. Of course, all the money in the world was on your side. And the victors write the history. And today you still hold Africa in your grip of fear and ignorance. But thankfully no where else. Read the research, read Duesberg, not the hateful reports about him. Not the media reports. Read Kary Mullis, nobel laureate creator of the Eliza test, not your rogues gallery of Gallo, Ho and Baltimore. Finally read Luc Montagnier, recently. Then comment. Until then you’re just another “useful idiot”, willfully ignoring the now obvious. You’ve made your money, you’ve got your drug “life time” annuity programs in place. Haven’t you got enough? You won, enjoy it. Read the research now and repent. And let my dead friends and family, the innocent AZT and drug cocktail victims, rest in peace.

          • I remember your “one bullet, one skeptic” thug colleagues, (yes, we were called “skeptics” before “deniers”. I see you’re keeping up with the current vitriol), I remember your media patsies and pharma financiers. I remember them very well. You won that battle in Johannesburg. Of course, you had all the money in the world on your side. And a primary researcher in AIDS, Peter Duesberg, a college professor traveling and fighting with no financial support, was silenced and professionally ruined. I guess he missed the one bullet your colleagues had for him.

            Now you can begin the research you are so obviously ignoring. What was the leading cause of death for HIV carriers before Johannesburg? Liver failure, toxicity. Research that. What is it now?

            So you won, be happy. You continue to market your ART, wonderful irony, only to the most backward African countries who still suffer in your grip of fear and ignorance. Isn’t that obvious by now? You almost had China and Brazil, but they caught on in time.

            You can’t give ART away, there are no AIDS clinics except in odd slums – along with crack cocaine – and no teenager in 20 years has taken an AIDS test. They would laugh if you suggested it.

            So let me catch you up, since you are “in the trenches” – so apt for the germ warfare salary that pays your bills. Read the research, the actual prime source documentation in Duesberg’s book. Then read Kary Mullis, nobel laureate and creator of the Eliza test. Then read Luc Montagnier, recent work.

            Read the research and repent. And let my friends and family, the innocent victims of your AZT and your ART, rest in peace.

      • If the theory is wrong, which it obviously is, the treatment is wrong. People all over the world are dying to have the wrong treatment? Have you EVER tried immune system enhancement rather than viral suppression which also suppresses the immune system. .

        • DawnmeshellRN

          So your basing your theory on some book you read? My opinion is based not on a pamphlet but my experience in the trenches as someone who grew up in the epicenter of the AIDs crisis and now as a nurse treating AIDS patients. In the AIDS riddled dance world of the eighties I watched people around me drop dead. I also witnessed the extraordinary effort and response it’s taken to stem this epidemic, just so that someone like you can shrug and say poof it just disappeared. As I alluded to I personal do not subscribe to a medical approach. If it were me I would find alternatives because most medication IS toxic to some degree, but even with the acknowledgement that ART may not be the preferred form of healing it is a fact that it has saved countless lives and transformed this disease from sudden virulent death to a chronic illness.

  • jng

    is this article real? using language like “you nasty little sub-Saharan African” and “nasty little African buggers” – im so disgusted and offended i don’t even have the words right now… how dare you promote yourself for health and wellness while spewing racist bigotry like this…. im so shocked i had to read it twice to make sure i saw it correctly…. you are absolutely immoral and appalling to speak with language like this and have no business promoting ANYTHING much less health and wellness.

    • Suzy

      I think the article was written with a sarcastic tone, from the point of view of the perpetrators of this atrocity. Obviously not Jim’s attitude. It is very believable that it is the attitude of those who are profiting from this outrage. No respect for any human being, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

      • Glen Bourgeois

        Whether or not that’s true, this is only deflecting the blame here. A simple “Warning: mature humour” in the mass email Jim sent out to promote this article could at least have given us _some_ warning as to the gratuitously lewd tone employed in the article. The email itself presents the subject in a very sober manner, then provides a link. I’m thinking less offense would have been caused had we at least be given a warning. It should perhaps be obvious to say this this is not the tone I expect from a wellness website, especially one that strives to appear most professional in its layout and images.

        • Suzy

          I agree with you, Glen. I too was shocked at the language. l guess I just took it in the spirit I thought it was written in, and I agreed with the premise of the article. I do not get offended as easily as many people do. But a warning yes, would have been appropriate.

        • Murf

          You need a warning for obvious sarcastic laden satire? The very use of which serves to make the case against the racist judgemental nature of the ignorant majority.

          • Glen Bourgeois

            Murf, I’m talking about the lewd content, which was not disclosed prior to clicking the link to what I thought was going to be an informative, interesting, and professional blog post. No mention of “Deep Throat”, snide jokes about Mr. “de Cock”‘s surname, and the link. I’m in no way part of the ignorant majority: I’m part of a sizeable part of the community who would rather not read unnecessarily lewd commentary. If you haven’t seen the actually very sober email linking to this gratuitously lewd post, without word of mature humour (an ironic choice of words), then you have little idea of what we’re discussing. Thank you for your understanding.

          • Murf

            Very well said. I understand your view. I guess, for me, in the scheme of things a lewd post is inconsequential. I have become desensitized to that of which may have at one point in my life seemed offensive. The true obscenity, to me, is not a blogger’s sarcastic reference to male genitalia but the callous manipulation of information, medical treatment, medicine, and food for profit. No matter the country or the type of government- the entire world is a Plutocracy and the power mongers hold the purse strings and thus they hold our lives in their hands. We are oblivious as we struggle in our day to day survival. Perhaps a shockingly lewd and sarcastic blog serves the purpose of shaking us out of our exhausted stupor.

          • Jim

            Thanks Murf. At least some of us can read and think clearly.

          • Jock Bliss

            Irrespective of the “merits” of the article, if one wishes to call it sarcasm or satire or whatever else — surely not seriously racist…but surely amazingly juvenile, and if it was trying to make a point, I would consider the point to be almost pointless. So we have had no epidemic and no one is absolutely clear about why not.

    • DawnmeshellRN

      It’s sarcasm. The language is fine. The “science” is not.

    • Murf

      That was sarcasm and satire to make a point that apparently escaped you.

    • Sorry about the language. I have edited the piece again to make it less offensive. The message is still the same.

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