When your soul speaks… do you hear it?

Living true to your soul is a blissful experience, but so many of us have been led away from its truth by negative influences…

Energy blocks, social conditioning, traumatic experiences and other negative energies muddy up the lens through which our souls shine…

This makes it hard for us to see our soul’s guiding light, and to hear its wisdom.

And this leads to feelings of emptiness, lack, scarcity and a feeling of being disconnected from the flow of the universe.

For so many of us, our lives feel like a struggle.

This struggle is often expressed through financial trouble, and feeling overwhelmed and burdened by the pressures of work and making ends meet.

If you’re feeling this way… don’t despair… because there is hope.

All around the world, beings just like you are on a journey of self discovery and connection with their inner divinity.

A divinity that wants to provide you with affluence and prosperity in all areas of your life.

Carol Tuttle is a pioneer in this spiritual awakening.

She is America’s most trusted energy healer, having dedicated over twenty years of her life to helping people heal their chakras, energy blocks, and transform their lives.

On Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 at 6PM PDT/7PM GMT, Carol will be holding a live class where she will deliver her most powerful training yet.

Carol will teach you how to connect to your soul and experience its truth.

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With these powerful techniques, you will be introduced to your unique SoulPrint……and will discover how redesigning your SoulPrint to be in harmony with your unique energy can manifest affluence, love and health in your life.

This will be a transformative event in your life, and help you reach a higher level of spiritual awareness…

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Carol is a deeply spiritual and caring person, and the collective experience of thousands of people around the world connecting with their souls together is one you don’t want to miss… So…

Secure your spot on the session happening on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 at 6PM PDT/7PM GMT

Thank you, and looking forward to sharing this experience with you,