Sometimes life can create stories that hardly any Hollywood scriptwriter could come up with.

In 2003, two babies were found in a cardboard box in a Chinese village, then separated and adopted to two different corners of the world. One of them went to a tiny village set in Norway. The other went to San Jose, California. Their adoptive parents were never told that they were adopting twins, but an incredible incident changes everything.

The drama unfolds the day after the adoption. Still having no idea, the Norwegian mother put on her little baby her first dress, a dress she had brought from back home. So does the American mom, in their hotel.

They both leave their hotels, to finish some paper work at the adoption center. The American mom is walking around holding her newly adopted daughter, when something catches her attention… A baby with the same red dress!

She walks over to the Norwegian mother. But not only the dresses are alike, so are the girls. They compare the birth dates and discover they’re the same. They ask the orphanage director if the girls are twins, but they say no.

The two girls grow up having very different lives, on opposite sides of the planet.

Eight years later they are reunited thanks to the effort of a Norwegian filmmaker who heard about the story and in a twist of fate, decided to pursue it.

We attribute it to synchronicity, to the realm of miracles – the divine orchestration of events in our lives that occur to many as “fate” or “miracles.”

“Twin Sisters” is a short film (53 minutes) modest, straightforward and very touching. If you’re in need of a heart opener, check it out.

Twin Sisters – Trailer from Mona Friis Bertheussen on Vimeo.