When first-responders arrived at the scene of an accident where the car of 25 year old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck had overturned into a freezing river, they immediately flipped the car over to find her already deceased.

Then, what the four police officers on the scene heard next can only be described as a miracle, we call it the voice of an angel……


 A mysterious voice called out to them saying, “Help me, Help me!”  They were sure it was coming from inside the car. 

That voice led them to finding the driver’s 18 month old baby girl, Lily, strapped upside down in her child seat where she had been floating for 14 hours. The water in the river was cold enough that seven emergency responders were treated for hypothermia.

The story of Lily’s survival amid the tragedy of her mother’s death and the unexplained voices leading the police to finding Lily is nothing short of amazing. 

It is always so inspiring to hear stories where acts of kindness are involved but especially so when it comes from the heart of a child who is seemingly so selfless. 

Over several months, Alex, a very sweet 8-year-old and her family, shared an unbelievable 600 loving acts of kindness for strangers.