Robert Pease, “The Numbers Doctor” is on this podcast sharing his wisdom and insights on Intuitive and Vibrational Symbolic Numerology. Dr. Robert holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Counseling and Mystical Science and is an Intuitive Numerologist.

His research into the quantum field of Vibrational Numerology has created this breakthrough technology that will activate key areas of successful living, a greater insight of why certain areas just don’t work and how to rapidly change them.

Learn how to unblock the magic of your personal numbers to unleash the power behind everything in your life and how Vibrational Symbolic Numerology can immediately shift your frequencies to attract exactly what you need and require.

Hear the live readings that are on the money and raise your vibration by just listening to this podcast!

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

04:02 – What is Intuitive Numerology and why is it different than ‘regular’ Numerology
04:40 – The different fields of Numerology
04:57 – The meaning and Science of numbers and frequencies
07:00 – The vibrational frequencies behind the numbers
08:00 – Why our birth chart is our ‘song’ in Numerology
10:43 – The significance of missing numbers and if everyone has them
12:40 – A Numerological Blueprint helps us in our awareness and understanding of our lives
15:26 – What Dr. Robert’s system does for our personal growth
18:10 – How this process helps us to access parts within us that we have closed off
20:00 – The relationship between tones and numerical value
22:00 – Effects and Impacts that vibrations and sounds have on our brain
25:00 – How we open up to creating ah-ha moments and tune into them through this system
27:44 – Live, high-vibration readings

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