I’d like to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Christine Kloser.

Christine is known as “The Transformation Catalyst” and I know she lives up to it!  She’s organized 22 speakers to come together in one powerful, complimentary online event… The 5th Annual Transformational Author Experience – which is now officially underway! But it’s not too late for you to join us… sign up here:

The World Is Waiting For Your Book <<< Access Here 

When you click the link above and register, you’ll be given access to Christine’s entire 8-step system to go from a book “idea” to getting your book done, having it read by the right people, receiving publicity from it, AND seeing it published so you can make a big impact, and grow your book-based business.

And if today’s classes are any indication of how awesome this event will be, it’s no wonder thousands have already signed up!

Sign-up now, and you can still catch the recording of today’s two classes!

Plus, when you do, you’ll also learn how to enter the Transformational Author Writing Contest – prizes include publishing packages, literary agent representation, book editing, proposal review and consideration by the publisher that put Eckhart Tolle on the map, and lots more!

Transformational Author Experience <<< Register Today! 

The event is already underway, and I don’t want you to miss another moment!


P.S. I know Christine, and she puts on an incredible event. You’ll be glad you took a moment to look at the page and register to get access to the wisdom of all these incredible experts, for free! 


22 Experts, 1 Virtual Stage, Your Book <<< Access Here