Sleep Deprived?

Are you sleep deprived?  It’s a miserable state to be in. Chronic sleeplessness is debilitating and affects your health and wellbeing. Jim is putting on weight for the first time in his life, eating in the middle of the night, because his sleep cycle has been so erratic for the last 3 months and he […]

Quick Easy Technique to Boost Your Energy AND Calm You Down

Did you know that throughout the day, we predominantly breathe through one or the other nostril?  Your body regulates your energy and emotional states by switching your dominant nostril every 90 or 150 minutes. A simple and effective way to switch your energy is to breathe through the nostril of your choice for just 3 minutes. […]

Take a Deep Breath….

Has a piece of music ever lifted your spirits, changed your mood and even transported you back to another time and place so you experienced it as if it were happening right now? Have you have experienced the power of sound to heal? This weekend I had a bad headache because I was experiencing the […]

Instant Global Stress Reduction

Whether you know it or not, whether you feel it or not, you are under constant stress from the threat of global annihilation by climate change.  If you manage to forget for a moment that we, the developed countries, have signed the death warrant for Planet Earth, the news media are keen that you remember, and […]

85% Failure in Weight Loss Surgery Reported

As with my recent reporting and commentary on the “disappearance” of AIDS according to the World Health Organization, I am moved to challenge another hideous and apparently corrupt practice of the modern medical industry. For 4 years, beginning in 2006, my wife Adoley and I operated a private hypnosis clinic in Fullerton, CA that dealt […]

Why AIDS is Dead and Magic Johnson is Still Alive

by Jim Proser If you are reading this, you are not dead.  If you are not dead, you did not die of AIDS.  If you have not yet died of AIDS, you have that in common with NBA legend Magic Johnson and billions of other multi-partner copulators around the world. So what happened?  After all, Oprah […]

Murdered Holistic Doctors Conspiracy Theory Challenged

By Jim Proser The months of July, August and September seemed to be deadly ones if you were a prominent holistic or naturopathic doctor. At least that is the implication of several independent health writers circulating these stories on the internet currently. So we did a little digging to find out more.  This is the first […]