My #1 Skin Secret

Do you have those days when you look at the mirror and think: “Yikes. What ever happened to my neck?!” Your skin is sagging, wrinkles are forming and your hair is thinning – welcome to the aging process. That’s life. And you might as well resign yourself to it. Let’s face it, no matter what […]

You must read this

Newsletter Vol 1 #1 2016 MIRACLE MONDAY Adoley Recommends: Ghost Boy a memoir by Martin Pistorius Have you ever have those times when life’s “a perfect storm” with so many challenges happening at the same time it feels like it would take a miracle to shift it all? I sure have. You can get so […]

Are You Still Having Mammograms? If So, You Must Read This!

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women and one in eight of us has a chance of developing cancer. My Sister in Law died of breast cancer as did her mother and sister. I have two nieces that I love dearly so breast health is a vital topic to me. Recently […]

The Redemption of Monica Lewinsky

Cyberbullying almost killed Monica Lewinsky, who admits that the profound shame she felt and the overwhelming public humiliation she endured nearly led her to suicide. Society’s intense cyberbullying that focuses on shaming, abuse, and humiliation can lead other people who may not be as strong or as articulate as Monica to do just that. Brene […]

Moving A Mountain For Love

Dasrath Manjhi, also referred to as the “Mountain Man” was a poor and landless farmer in India who made history by spending over twenty years chipping away at a mountain to carve a mile-long path through the rocky hillside where he lived – all by himself with only a chisel, hammer and shovel. The people […]

600 Acts of Kindness and the Voice of an Angel

When first-responders arrived at the scene of an accident where the car of 25 year old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck had overturned into a freezing river, they immediately flipped the car over to find her already deceased. Then, what the four police officers on the scene heard next can only be described as a miracle, we […]

A Miraculous Recovery

John Smith, a 14-year-old Missouri boy, fell into icy Lake St. Louise in St. Charles, Missouri on Jan. 19th. John dropped deep into the 40-degree water and was submerged for about 15 minutes before first responders arrived. CPR was performed on him — on the scene and in the hospital — for about 45 minutes […]