Modern Day Mystic Peter Schenk is part of the new generation of spiritual visionaries who are on the cutting edge of consciousness and awakening. He is a very contemporary energy healer, research engineer and software designer whose programs and services have united people from around the world.

Peter’s first call with us and his Aquaware offer was SO popular, our community requested he return to answer  the many questions they still had and to talk about his program further. Since we are always listening and heard everyone’s wish, Peter kindly agreed to come back on The Wellness Revolution again for a Q & A session. You will walk away from this podcast really informed about this fantastic product and the only thing you will be left wondering is how you ever got by without Aquaware!

If you didn’t yet hear that first call with Peter Schenk, catch it while you still can, just Click Here and then tune into this podcast as well to hear more about why Aquaware is all the RAGE!

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

4:00        Adoley’s Personal Experience With Aquaware
8:55        Remote Healing With Aquaware
11:50      Greatest Result Stories
23:30      Recap of Aquaware Product
27:00      For Our Pets
28:20      Aquaware: The Simple Process Of How It Works
31:05      How Many Intentions To Use Daily
32:00      What The Taste Differences In Water Means
34:17      Charging Food With Aquaware
38.00      Manifestation Forms
42:48      MAC Users
43:25      Recommended Water To Use
46:10      When Aquaware Won’t Work
47:30      The MANY Different Intentions With Aquaware
54:17      The Intentions That Strengthen Intuition
59:40      What Is The Navitus Program? (Bonus Offer)
1:00:40   About The Healing Portal (Bonus Offer)
1:02:14   Seven Days With Peter (Bonus)
1:04:26   Call-In Q & A
1:16:28   Volatile Email From A Naysayer Discussed

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