With a little help from our friends comes this list of the best healthy living blogs and websites on the planet.

1. Structured Water

Because we believe water is fundamental to physical and emotional health, we put this one first.  It is our own blog, true, but we know it is the absolute best one on the subject.  Start with vitalized water, as it is found in nature, and you have the most important element in healthy living. The world’s leading water researcher Dr. Gerald Pollack and the leading entrepreneur in structured water technology, Clayton Nolte, discuss the details and importance of what some scientists have described as “The Most Important Discovery of the 21st Century” in a free online presentation found here along with a free downloadable ebook from Dr. Pollack on the subject.

2. Inner Riches

Once you have your water, you need a vision.  Vision comes from a clear, peaceful mind that is open to the constant influx of information coming from the quantum field, God, the Holy Spirit or atman, depending on your beliefs.  Our friends Amish and Puja Shah offer a free 9 day meditation training that will clear your mind of distractions and allow you to see your vision of your place in the world clearly.

If you cut the clutter in your life, you allow space for new things such as money, relationships and health solutions to come in.  It is a very simple idea but with all the physical, emotional and spiritual clutter in our modern lives, it’s easy to lose track of what is important in life.   In this presentation by Adoley Odunton, you have an opportunity to join her and a few masters in the practice of living simply.

 4. Invincible Wellness

Few of us realize that human health has been divided and sub-divided over the last 100 years so that now most doctors are so specialized that they have no idea of what you should eat to be healthy.  Does that make any sense?  Most of them also have no idea of how powerful your mind is in healing.  Many of them only know what pills you should take or what surgery you should have.  About a dozen years ago, a young medical student, cured herself of multiple, life-threatening and untreatable diseases.  She did this by seeing the body as a whole, integrated system and learning the universal language that our bodies use to communicate.  She called this the Universal Body Language.  This young woman not only survived and thrived, she is now the mother of supremely healthy daughter and has since taught hundred of world leaders in business, government and the arts how to heal themselves of ANY ailment.   That’s right – any.   Please meet Maria Whalen and her Invincible Wellness System.

Daily Cup of Yoga is for those of us who want to improve their yoga practice or begin a practice. It’s a blog written by casual yogis without the typical yoga-heavy jargon and teachings. Instead, the posts touch on topics like mastering meditation and showing gratitude in your everyday life.

Tiny Buddha is a blog (and a vibrant social community) where bloggers share helpful advice to deal with life’s most difficult situations. But Tiny Buddha doesn’t just focus on those depressing topics. This healthy living blog celebrates happiness, love, and mindfulness (and how you can achieve those things in your life).

The TED Blog is inspiring, motivating, and above all else, teaches us new things.  The famous TED talks are guaranteed to keep you glued to the screen, and the blog follows up with posts designed to make you smarter and better informed, from a comprehensive reading list to apps that make life easier and more fun.