On this Wellness Revolution podcast, meet Peter Schenk, part of the new generation of spiritual visionaries who are on the cutting edge of consciousness and awakening. He is a very contemporary energy healer, research engineer and software designer whose programs and services have united people from around the world. Peter, a Modern Day Mystic, is unveiling Aquaware, a unique computer software program that involves sacred symbols and sacred geometry that actually super charges your water with your intentions.

The call with Peter was INTENSE, fun and totally engaging by opening up the phones lines to involve the listeners and hear their reactions. It has never been done and it  was WILD!

Hear Peter explain Aquaware, an application for digital technology that imbues specific frequencies into water and carries the frequencies of Higher Universal intelligence and Love. It all starts by simply restructuring water through a software program….place an intention and the results, when they come in, are staggering!

You will hear testimonial after testimonial from current users of Aquaware calling in RAVING about the results that are truly SO impressive, as is Peter and the work he is doing. If you want to take control of your life and shape your own destiny, then grab hold of this magic wand to have at your disposal and be amazed.

Aquaware is your own Genie in a Bottle!

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

1:30:45 Peter’s “Wake-Up” Experience and Background
1:29:40 The Influence of Dr. Masaru Emoto and The Consciousness of Water
1:27:47  Inspiration From “The Rabbit Hole”
1:25:30 The Science Behind Aquaware
1:24:15  What is ‘The Quantum Realm’
1:20:11  Why is Water the Perfect Medium to Carry or Intention
1:19:03  Everything has Consciousness
1:18:24  What is ‘Blank Slating Water’
1:12:03  How Aquaware works
1:11:01  How Many Intentions Apply in The Program (PDF)
1:02:24  An Unprecedented Process of Opening Up the Heart Chakra
1:03:06  Who is Metatron?
50:34     End of Chakra Opening
49:25     Party on the Line – Phone Lines Opened for Listener’s Reaction to Process
48:34     Testimonials and Q & A

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