The Wellness Revolution welcomed Deborah King as our special guest on this podcast. Deborah has developed her powerful gifts through nearly three decades of global study and is hailed as the premiere Master Healer of our time.

Deborah is a modern day Shaman and High-Priestess of the Light who was a successful attorney in her twenties. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she sought healing at the hands of a medicine man who not only led her to remission but also to her exit from the corporate arena and into the mysterious world of entities. There she mastered ancient and modern systems and ultimately developed a powerful energy healing technique of her own that she shares with the masses today.

Through her numerous books, live workshops, TV appearances, and her popular Hay House Radio Show, Deborah has guided tens of thousands of people to tap into a higher level of consciousness, trust their intuition, and heal themselves in a way they never thought possible.

On this podcast, learn how to connect with the Angels and work with them to heal, receive guidance and open your heart and mind, or if you are currently working with Angels – learn how to strengthen your relationship with them. This is a crash course in calling on your angels which is like calling spiritual 911. They can be of tremendous help to us in just about any situation so find out how these celestial counselors can be our heavenly GPS on our path in life.

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

05:30 What Angelic Healing is and How is it Related to Energy Healing
06:00 Angels Around Us
07:17 What Angels are Here to do
08:29 Connecting With Our Angels
09:19 Asking For Angelic Guidance
11:04 The Best Access Point for Embracing Angelic Energy
11:44 Excercise By Deborah – Opening Your Third Eye and Connecting Our Energy to Angels
18:33 What is the Intention of the Angels/Guides for Us
19:25 Is an Angel and Guide the Same?
20:44 Archangels
21:04 Different Types of Angels
22:56 How and Best Place To Talk to an Angel
25:38 Do Angels See Past and Future?
30:51 The Levels of Your Personal Energy Field
36:19 Reaching A Higher Level of Meditation To Your Angel
40:26 Q & A
01:25 Offer Details

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