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Choose Beautiful

Women tend to be their own worst critics and very hard on themselves. Sadly, only 4% of women around the world consider themselves more ‘‘beautiful’ than “average”.

It’s a mean inner dialogue in our minds that sometimes we don’t even realize we have going on which creates anxiety about looking in the mirror or looking inward.

Ask yourself when the last beautiful thought you had about yourself was, if ever.

Watch how this compelling social experiment awakens women to realizing the importance of self-love, body image and how they perceive to view themselves in relation to how others view them.

What it resulted in was a lesson and inspiration for those women who lacked self-esteem to realize their true beauty and to reach their full potential.

So if you don’t believe you are beautiful – change the way you see yourself – because you are!

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My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution


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