You are going to be smiling from ear to ear on this podcast (we were) because the very FUN Dougall Fraser stopped by The Wellness Revolution and it was such a good time!

If you have not yet heard Dougall Fraser on the radio or the many TV shows he has appeared on, then you won’t want to miss him on this podcast…..and if you have seen him, then no doubt you will naturally want to hear more of him, he is just that entertaining.

Dougall Fraser is a world renowned Psychic, Cosmic Coach, Speaker, Author and TV Persona. The self-titled “Queer Guy with a Third Eye” uses his clairvoyant ability to diagnose any blockage or pattern in people’s lives that hold them back from achieving their goals. Dougall blends new age practice with grounded advice to inspire clients to take action, by facing their fears, overcoming self- doubt and stepping out of their comfort zone.

Hear caller after caller (including our own Jim Proser) get SPOT ON readings with Dougall tuning into the aura of live callers. UNBELIEVABLE…but he is ‘The Color Guru’ after all. He teaches us listening in, and through his tools, how the power of color can change your life.

Join us and learn more about Dougall’s Building Your Rainbow Bridge Online Course with its super easy exercises and meditation techniques, his Cosmic Coaching Community AND a rarely offered LIVE, MINI Session with Dougall to have YOUR questions answered privately (his first reading was at age 8 and has been advising people ever since – including an A-List of celebrities and CEOs). These tools that Dougall developed have a unique approach to meditation and self-awareness that will bring a clear and direct channel to the wisest part of your being.

Treat yourself to this one – it is a guaranteed winner!

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

6:23 Dougall’s Psychic Abilities (What he sees)
9:20 Dougall (VERY Accurate) Reading Jim’s Colors
13:45 When He Realized His Gifts
18:10 His Tools That Help People
19:18 How To Make Your Vision Tangible
22:42 All About Rainbow Bridge
25:40 Cosmic Coaching
31:45 Lines Open For Readings
44:13 Exploring Your Soul Center

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