David Wolfe filled this call with his vibrant energy and enthusiasm about nutrition so much that it jumped through the speakers. He is the rock star of superfoods and one of the world’s foremost authorities on natural beauty and longevity.

This call is chock full of suggestions and valuable information from David to help you in becoming your own best nutritionist. David cuts through some of the myths and confusion about diets, herbs and supplementation and educates us on the important steps we can take to achieve optimal health.

He discusses a myriad of topics and how to treat them with herbs and superfoods – from raw nutrition, to eye care, allergies, bone density and caring for your hair and skin. This is valuable and life-changing information that can help keep us healthy and stay that way longer – and who doesn’t want that!

By listening to this episode you will discover:

– Some of the 50 SUPER herbs we should be utilizing.

– What oils to stand guard from and which types and kinds are the best ones to use.

– The secret weapon in the battle against hair loss.

– More about the “Calcium Myth” and the hormone to take to improve bone density – especially post menopause.

– A specific exercise you can do to help build strong bones.

– An amino acid which is highly under-rated and why it should be taken regularly.

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Check out this episode!