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Dawson Church – Peak Performance

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On this eye-opening podcast, you will LOVE hearing about the latest science behind the biology of belief and how to take your life to the next level. Dawson Church, PhD, bestselling author, researcher and host of the Peak Performance Symposium fills us in on exciting breakthroughs and research in “Peak Performance” that you can start applying to your own life with immediate transforming results.

We are in exciting times where change is relevant – it is an age of awareness and enlightenment that we can step into, knowing there are bigger horizons out there for each of us. Dawson talks about the tools we all have to unlock enormous amounts of human potential, to release limiting beliefs and soar higher in every area of our life.

Dawson’s passion is supporting people to see their limitations and cut through them; unlocking their full potential and in turn, reaching their peak performance. This call  will prompt you into  taking that leap to face the barriers holding you back, make the change and BLAST past your limitations to achieve and manifest way beyond your dreams.

By listening to this replay you will discover:

  • What a set point is and what it means in relation to the limitations people set for themselves.
  • How to identify these set points and have a sense and control of them.
  • That limiting beliefs are not just triggered in our minds….find out what else is the cause of self-defeating behavior.
  • The connection between physical symptoms and emotions.
  • Six areas of human performance to develop or expand upon.
  • We are products of our cultural conditioning in childhood which created self-limiting beliefs in us – find out what Dawson calls this and why.

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My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution


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