by Adoley Odunton

The last few months as I’ve been making deliberate changes in my life, I found myself increasingly aware of the amount of stuff I have accumulated since the 30 Day DeClutter Challenge in 2013.

My husband, Jim, is a thrower-outer.  I’m a keeper.  I buy and keep things.  He throws out as often as he can.  As soon as I buy him something new, he tears it open in excitement, promptly puts it on and throws the old one or two away!  Apart from his writer’s office, Jim has a lot of space around him.  I on the other hand have been collecting clutter and it was beginning to weigh me down.

Clutter accumulates when energy stagnates and, likewise energy stagnates when clutter accumulates…the more of it you have, the more stagnant energy attracts to itself.”
~~Karen Kingston

Clutter is like the static electricity that keeps socks stuck together when they come out of the clothes dryer.  Stuff seems to attract more and more stuff.  When I looked in some of my drawers, closets and in the garage  – there it was – stuff.  And more stuff.

I was longing for space…

…Space to stretch into, to breathe, to listen…to relax and feel into what you truly want and need.

Space to refresh and revitalize. Space for a fresh start.

I know that what we see outside of ourselves, is a only a reflection of what’s inside.

My longing for space was my soul calling me to get rid of my stuff again.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably longing for space.

You probably have too much stuff too.  Stuff you own, stuff you keep, stuff you hold onto including negative thoughts that clog your mind, and emotions and feelings you keep stuffed down.

And then you wonder why you aren’t able to make the shifts and changes you want to create a better life.

Here’s a clue why you may be stuck…

How much energy is blocked from your body, mind and spirit because of all the stuff – physical, mental and emotional stuff – you have?

Stuff often becomes clutter.  And clutter is really just stuck energy.  Since we are vibrational beings, made of energy and living in a vibrational world, wherever energy is stuck we are unable to fully give ourselves, our gifts and talents, or receive new experiences and possibilities we want in our lives.

For our lives to work well, it is vital to have a good flow of life force energy in our homes and within ourselves – our mind, body and spirit.

Let’s start in the physical realm – every aspect of your life is anchored energetically in your living space.

Everything around you, especially your home environment, mirrors your internal self.  So clearing your clutter brings in a tremendous renewal of your life force energy that can completely transform your life.  We all know how wonderful a full spring cleaning or cleanse feels.  This is just life energy being released around and within you.

As you let go of things that no longer serve you, you will discover that this simple process is a powerful emotional cleansing as well.

And that’s been what I’ve been doing.  Letting go of the things I don’t like but still have plenty of “wear” in them.  Books I tell myself I am going to read “some day”.

Brand new gadgets and items that I haven’t used since our last move!  I’ve been getting rid of it all commitments to organizations and people that was eating up my time.  Releasing relationships that have run their course and don’t support where I am going.

The more I cleared away, the more energized I felt.  The clearer I became about what I needed to let go of in my work, my relationships and my habits if I was to fulfill my purpose and my dreams, the more I “lightened up” and felt good!

I have been using SoulSpace, my personal detox program and process of self-recovery, to remove the clutter in my life.  It identifies the clutter that is draining my energy and blocking my vision, and removes it so I can see the uncluttered vision of the life I truly want.

What if you could clear away all the stuff that has been blocking your vision and energy, not just in your physical environment but also in your mental, emotional and spiritual environment?

What insights have been right in front of your nose for years, but have been hidden behind the mind chatter, distractions and daydreams of your mental and emotional clutter?

SoulSpace provides a loving and safe space for you to gradually detox and release all the stagnant energy that no longer serves you.

What if everything you long for –

What if these are all right in front of you, right now, but just hidden in your emotionally-charged clutter…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how clutter is affecting your life.
If you’d like to learn more about SoulSpace, just drop me a note here –

To spaciousness in your life and abundant joy!