Like any conversation, disease a conversation in a specific language.

This language is called Universal Body Language and it is the language your body speaks to you.

Like any language, UBL has specific parts like nouns, verbs and adjectives that describe any situation-like an illness-exactly.

UBL has five interconnected parts that must be used together to make sense in any conversation.

Here they are…

All of us understand a few words of UBL like pain, heat, cold and tired.  But almost no one speaks UBL fluently.  Even our most brilliant doctors speak only a fraction of one of the 5 parts you see above.

Fortunately someone has actually written UBL down and teaches it so that anyone can understand exactly what their body needs – or needs to be rid of – to defeat ANY disease.

Maria Whalen discovered UBL as a medical student and used it to cure herself of multiple, untreatable and life-threatening auto-immune diseases.   Her symptoms at that time were so severe that she lapsed repeatedly into comas.

Now, almost 20 years later, Maria teaches others UBL through her Invincible Wellness System and the results have been as dramatic for others as they were for her.

This paradigm-shift in healing is now getting the attention it deserves as Maria is about to launch her own TV show and will be appearing in a movie from the producers of the highly successful The Secret.

To learn more about UBL and the Invincible Wellness System, you can attend Maria’s free online workshop at

What conversation is your body having with you right now that you can’t quite understand?