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Adoley Odunton

The Easy Way

February 28, 2014

3pm EST / 2pm CST / 1pm MST / 12pm PST

Adoley Odunton has empowered thousands of people to make lasting and positive life changes in their lives. An Oxford graduate, she mastered the art of making things happen becoming a television star in in England at the age of 24. She moved to Los Angeles and became a television network executive supervising the production of over 40 movies for television. A physical breakdown due to constantly “running on empty” led to a wholesale reassessment of her life and a spiritual calling. Adoley became a licensed spiritual practitioner and a life coach and the host and producer of The Wellness Revolution, the longest running and one of the most popular wellness teleseminar series on the internet.

Despite her many successes, Adoley often found herself caught in a cycle of struggle and worry, unable to find peace of mind and fulfillment. A “Message from God” redirected her life. Following her inner guidance she found a new path that reconnected her to her Higher Power and a life of greater success, purpose and prosperity. Adoley shares the “miracle process” she received that will give you the keys to create your life of miracles.

Listen to this call and learn:

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  • The #1 reason why you are still struggling…and can’t get into the flow no matter how hard you work…and how you can shift that once and for all. I’ll share my personal experience with this.

  • How to trust your inner guidance…for greater confidence and peace of mind (HINT: you’ll know if it’s your Ego or your inner guidance talking)

  • An easy and effective way… to supercharge your intentions, boost your results and make your dreams come true [health, love, wealth – yes, and money too!]

  • How to have miracles happen every day without having to “work hard” to “earn” them

  • Four powerful words that will transform your relationships not just with others but YOURSELF and instantly bring more love and joy in your life

  • The “Easy Way” to manifest miracles, not just for yourself but others

  • And much more ……..



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The Easy Way!!


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