An un-publicized illness that is robbing thousands of us,  maybe even you and your family, of optimal health.

We spoke with our friend Annie Cederberg the other day at lunch.   Annie is a friend who is particularly close to our hearts.  She had been a fan of the Wellness Revolution for a long time and knew Adoley and I were looking to move from the desert of Southern California to a more tropical, humid climate.  She invited us to come and visit her in Sarasota, Florida.

When we arrived, Annie was living in a remote shack in a rural area outside of the city.   She was unable to even stay too long at her favorite restaurant Simon’s ( a great local hangout, if you’re ever in Sarasota) because she had become hyper-sensitive to EMFs – electro-magnetic forces.  These are basically the electrical radiation waves that blast from every appliance, outlet and fixture in a modern building, as well as all of the cell phone traffic, power line radiation and radio frequencies that hit us every moment of every day.

That was why she was living in shack without electricity and far away from any transmission lines or cell phone towers.  She had been unable to work for months, suffered from multiple, debilitating symptoms and was nearly destitute.   We found this all out over the course of meeting Annie for the first time at our first lunch together.

Even though we had been running one of the most successful internet shows about wellness, we’d never even heard of EMF sensitivity.   And yet, here it was, clearly a severe condition that was very likely affecting tens or hundreds of thousands of people.  We immediately tuned into Annie’s story and began to learn more than we ever imagined about this unpublicized modern affliction.

Here’s Annie today, speaking with us, again at Simon’s (great breakfasts, by the way and Simon’s a real gent too) about her health and life as it is currently.