Have you ever felt like your heart is ruling your head?

According to the scientists at HeartMath, they have discovered proven connections between your heart, how you think, how you relate to others, how your energy affects even inanimate objects and how it guides you to your most authentic decisions ever.

Howard Martin, co-founder and spokesperson for HeartMath, joined The Sixth Annual Wellness Revolution WOW! (Wellness, Oneness, Wealth) and on this podcast you will hear more about these astonishing findings discussed on that call.

What HeartMath has discovered through decades of scientific research, is that you can improve your life not by changing your thoughts, but through using proven and easy-to-master methods for emotional mastery. HeartMath is the world’s most influential scientific organization focused on activating the powers of the heart for greater joy and less stressful living.

Your heart possesses a powerful intelligence with the capacity to heal and energize your body, mind and spirit – if you have the right tools and methods to harness this power. Take heart – because you will hear on this podcast all about the toolbox HeartMath offers to tap into that power.

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

3:05 HeartMath and Global Coherence
4:24 Heart Aspects and the Coherence State
6:19 How to Combat OVERWHELM
6:27 The Energetic Connection
9:44 Making the Needed Changes for Yourself
10:40 Is STRESS a Brain or Heart Function?
12:08 The Genesis and Understanding of STRESS
14:00 Four Ways the Heart Communicates with the Brain
15:36 The Importance of Regulating What Happens in our Daily Lives
17:00 HeartMath’s Tools to Use in a Moment of Stress
21:30 An Essential Aspect to Maintain a Healthy Life & Resiliency
23:04 Funny Story – The “STP” of the Heart
24:21 Intuition and the Heart
26:18 How to Increase Access to More Intuition
29:15 The Inner “nudges” or signals that Lead to Change
30:20 How to Trust Your Intuition
33:11 Howard Adminsters The Quick Coherence Tool to the Audience
38:58 Information on The Global Coherence Initiative
45:58 SLEEPLESSNES and How These Tools can Help
47:38 Outline of the Offer From HeartMath
54:38 An APP From HeartMath – Coherence Coach

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