Your Guide to Natural Remedies
Prevent or Cure Ailments from the Comfort of Your Home –Without Harmful Medicines! 

52 Pages packed with ordinary remedies offering extraordinary relief!
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What you will find in this ebook…
Not only will you find several remedies for ailments, you will also find helpful yoga postures and lots of tips and treats that can help you prevent and cure many common health issues.  All remedies in this ebook are tried, tested, and guaranteed! 
Illness-specific Remedies
Stretch marks? Hiccups?
Insomnia?Find a cure here!
Hair Care Tips
Stretch marks? Hiccups?
Insomnia?Find a cure here!
Veggies, Fruits, Nuts
Stretch marks? Hiccups?
Insomnia?Find a cure here!

About Nirogam

Puneet Aggarwal founded Nirogam in 2002 to create awareness about natural healing and to supply highly effective Ayurvedic Herbal Products.
Purity, accurate composition and the unmistakable natural ability to cure ailments & diseases, make Nirogam’s products stand out.

“I found some awesome tips here! The simple yoga postures are really good..I have been having imbalance and nausea for over 8 years and after reading about Adi Mudra, I started doing it a few days ago and I already feel my balance is better and the nausea is almost gone.”
Fanny Nathaniel
Chennai, India