One of powerful lessons that nature teaches us is from the flying patterns of geese.  Did you know that by flying in a “V” formation geese can fly at least 71% further than if they flew on their own?

When we come together as a group, there is a healing transforming power that can’t be matched when we do things individually.  This is especially true when we come together in prayer.

Our Monday Miracle is about our dear friend, Sheila Gale and her daughter Natasha.

Natasha developed a mystery illness that had the doctors stumped.  She was in terrible pain and not getting better.

Desperate, Sheila reached out to her global community for prayer support.  What happened was nothing short of miraculous and it has changed the course of Sheila’s life and work…

“You are helping us by praying for us. Then many people will give thanks because God has graciously answered so many prayers for our safety.” (2 Corinthians 1:11 NLT)