Rikka Zimmerman was a guest on The Wellness Revolution and as always, she brought her magical essence of grace capable of creating synchronistic alignments and miraculous transformational shifts. As only Rikka can do with her soul-touching wisdom embedded by her playful vibrancy, she enlightened us on how to tap into our guidance from our highest self, how to connect with our divine purpose and how to be who we were meant to be in the world.

Rikka Zimmerman is not just a transformational leader; she is a global leader in consciousness. She is the creator of Adventure In Oneness, an acclaimed international speaker, a successful author and a singer/songwriter.

Just hearing her speak on this podcast, you immediately become aware of her embodiment of joy and love. She rocks at what she does – and you will hear how she amazingly taps into guidance and creates vibrational shifts for the callers on the line. PLUS, she takes us through several clearing and letting go processes that will help you be your own catalyst for change.

Rikka has introduced her new album recently, ‘Be The Change’ and she ends the call by integrating one of her unique toning techniques from the album leading us in a spectacular toning exercise to leave us with great light and vibration.

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

6:14     Struggle To Find Your Divine Purpose
8:45     Surrendering The Past & Letting Go
10:15   ‘Letting Go’ Process – clearing By Rikka
13:32   Evocation Statement
16:47   Letting Go Is Actually Receiving
17:39   Rikka’s Opening Up System – To The Possibilities
23:20   How Can We Tell Whether It Is Ego Or Higher Self Talking To Us
27:40   Rikka Guides Us In Her Process To Our Higher Self
35:48   Lines Open To Live Callers
1:03:45 Rikka’s 9 Track Program
1:16:40 Final Toning – Rikka’s Voice

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