Join us this Wednesday at 6 PM Eastern time on The Wellness Revolution¬† – for Dr. Eric Pearl on “Healing Happens in the Field”

The quantum field is the universe of energy that surrounds us and includes every molecule, atom and sub-atomic particle in our bodies. Proven quantum effects such as non-locality mean that instantaneous changes in the field happen across any distance – so time and space are often meaningless in the field.

Other quantum phenomena such as human intention and even observation affect how things happen – even if and when they happen. The proven effects of human intention on the quantum field include long distance healing of disease, influence of human behavior and seeing past and future events. This is not theory, this is proven scientific fact as seen in experiments done over the last 50 years.

This remarkable film, The Living Matrix, gives us a glimpse into the practical applications of this new scientific understanding of the universe we live in.