You may be interested to see the science behind structured water - I know it sounds like the latest fad in "magic" waters.
While there at our blog, you may also be interested to browse a few of the videos and articles about the science of structured water.
Working Together - Your Free Trial of Structured Water

As always, Adoley and I look for ways to build our working relationship with you.  So we're excited to show you how our new structured water evergreen webinar can be a big step forward.
If you'd like to try structured water personally, click below for a free 30 day trial (you pay only shipping - $11) - https://uck89574.infusionsoft.com/go/sw30j/jimproser/.
If you like it, just keep it and you will be billed the wholesale amount of $192 in 30 days.  If not, return it and I'll pay for the shipping both ways - you won't be out one dime.
Show Me the Money - Your Guaranteed Success
First, here are the Earnings Per Click (EPC) test results for our webinar from samples of large and small lists in the personal development niche:
We guarantee* you a $1.00 EPC minimum, and you can expect $1.50 to $1.70 EPC on average.   We guarantee* that you will make good money but more importantly your people will love structured water.  (*Guarantee - If your list can generate at least a $.50 EPC, we will make up the difference, if needed, to guarantee you make at least $1.00 EPC.)
In January, 2014 our average EPC actually went up to $1.87 - a bit higher than our tests.
Here are a few testimonials by leaders in our field of personal development...
Why not at least test this offer to your list?  Send us 500 clicks and I'll send you a check for at least $500 within 72 hours.  See what your people tell you about structured water, then make up your mind.
To register as our affiliate, please go here: https://uck89574.infusionsoft.com/go/swnew/jimproser/
Or, if you like, call me at (310) 968 0513 or call our affiliate manager David Gonzalez at (512) 431-8075 and allow us to speak to you a bit further about this unique mental, physical and spiritual healing product for your people.
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