Every Monday we bring you information to hopefully brighten your day and lighten your load during the week.  Today, we offer you an easy way to create miracles that will put more money in your pocket and lighten perhaps, a pressing concern.

For those of you coming from our email, the quotes below bear reading again.  For those of  you reading this for the first time, you may want to read these quotes twice as well.  The implications are staggering.

First, let me say, that to many people in spiritual and meditation circles, money is a dirty word.  They like to soften the word to “abundance” or “prosperity”.  I prefer the term “cold, hard cash”.   Let’s get real.   We want money – at least for this little demonstration.

Second, if you think the whole idea of “miracles” is hot air, here’s the premier writer and researcher into the science of miracles, science writer, Lynne McTaggart,

“…in the course of my work I kept bumping up against miracles. Not miracles in the ordinary sense where the seas parted or loaves of bread exponentially multiply, but miracles nonetheless, in their utter violation of the way we think the world works.

Once I began digging, I discovered a small but cohesive community of top-grade scientists with impressive credentials, all doing some small aspect of the same thing. Their discoveries were incredible.

What they were working on seemed to overthrow the current laws of biochemistry and physics.  Their theories and experiments also compounded into a new science, a new view of the world.”

Third, if you’re interested but still a bit skeptical about the reality of miracles , please consider this observation by perhaps the greatest scientific mind of our age, Albert Einstein,

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Now, I invite you now to make a decision according to Einstein’s observation. Please pick one – (a) Nothing is a miracle, or (b) Everything is a miracle.

If you pick (a), you probably have better things to do than read the rest of this article about developing a technique to produce miracles.  If you picked (b), please read on…

Now, to begin manifesting money, cash in your pocket, what we are talking about is what we call “Intentioneering” –

Our technique, Intentioneering, combines spiritual law with the new scientific principles to accelerate your ability to manifest and produce the miracles you want in your life.

The science suggests, and we have seen, that you will be a more effective “intentioneer”, if you are more “coherent” in your practice of intentioneering by using these 7 easy steps…

  1. Choose the right time
  2. Choose the right place
  3. Quiet your mind
  4. Focus on the image of the miracle you want
  5. Develop “mindfulness” not concentration
  6. Connect to “the field”
  7. Connect to other “intentioneers”

The easiest way to quickly become adept at these 7 basic principles is to work with a coach who specializes in personal development, particularly manifestation practices.  You are invited to attend a live masterclass called >>> The Easy Way – a Life Filled with Miracles <<<  this Thursday with spiritual life coach Adoley Odunton.

For this demonstration today let’s agree to use money as the miracle you want to create.  Not just because we all like it, but because we can easily visualize it and count it.  We can then measure how powerful and how accurate our intentioneering is.

However, if the thought of money in your pocket or big numbers in your bank account sets you off in a tizzy, by all means use the term abundance.   As far as visualizing abundance, you will have to decide what represents abundance to you – pick something small and realistic to start – like a new, small kitchen appliance you need – a toaster for instance.

If you are going to stick with money for this exercise, begin with an intention that is easily achieved – such as, “I will receive $50 I didn’t expect in the next 10 days.”

By making your intention specific and realistic – something that won’t blow your conscious mind into sub-consciously saying “What nonsense.  This can’t possibly happen.” you will create confidence and maintain an energetic state of mind.

As you quiet your mind, having picked the right place and time to do so, you will find that you can begin to improve the depth and the length of your meditation with practice.

If you still have a little doubt about whether this will work –  consider what Mary I, from Mullica Hill, New Jersey has to say about it.  She manifested MONEY within a week of using intentioneering principles and continued manifesting…

“I made an intention on Sunday when you had your pre-call to have $1,500 extra each week. My bookkeeper just told me that she found $1,087.90 in an account that we thought we closed out months ago, but somehow it never got close out. So tonight, we have an EXTRA $1,087.90 being transferred into our checking account. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

One week later

“Well, it seems like some kind of miracle but once again I manifested $1,000 of unexpected income in the past 8 days. I am changing my intention so that I make it clearer to the universe. Here is my new statement of intention…. “I am so happy and grateful now that I am receiving $1,500/week (or more) EXTRA over and above all my bills.” I see this money coming in increasing quantities, through multiple sources on a continus basis. I feel sooooo happy because I am able to help so many people with all this extra money. My happiness is derived by the ways in which I can help others with all this extra money. I AM A MONEY MAGNET!”

3 weeks later…

“I had more money luck today. One of my tenants owes me over $3,000 from a year ago. I didn’t think i would ever see that money, but today I received a check from him for $500. Extra money that I didn’t plan on.”

-Mary I

The next step is to “power up” to a state of light meditation or “daydreaming” until your brainwaves reach a frequency of 8 to 13 hertz as you sit in a comfortable position in your right (quiet) place during your right (uninterrupted) time.  You don’t need to measure your brainwaves, you will naturally attain this “alpha” state of 8 to 13 hertz, but if a biofeedback monitor helps you, use it.

Begin by breathing slowly and rhythmically in through your nose and out through your mouth.   There are many mediation technique instruction downloads on the web, use them if they help you, or attend The Easy Way – a Life Filled with Miracles – a live masterclass online this week.

Here’s Lynda Hendricks from Texas, who practiced these manifestation principles for money and a new home.

“WOW!!! It took some time to find our new home but I was persistent in my intention work and everything worked out (as Adoley says) IN PERFECT TIME!!!

I also didn’t have the money ready until the day I moved and it came from unexpected sources. This was another intention I set that happened in perfect time for me.

YAY!!! Keep doing your intention work. IT WORKS! Maybe not when you ask for it, but when you really need it.


–Lynda Hendricks

Once you are able to maintain meditation for 10 to 15 minutes, by focusing on your breath, music made for meditation, a calming image of nature, or rosary beads or other religious meditation devices to empty your mind of random thoughts, then gently turn your focus to the object of your intention.

Remember start small and work up to your ultimate intention.  You will develop “mindfulness” as opposed to concentration, that can last throughout the day.   Once you are proficient, you will be able to remain mindful in your daily life and the power of your intentions will skyrocket.

Finally, for this brief article today, you can multiply your intentioneering power, your mindfulness by tapping into “the field” the uniform field of consciousness that powers the universe.   Some call this Spirit, Atman, or the Holy Ghost.

Again, as Albert Einstein suggests, you have a choice to believe that this field of consciousness exists or it doesn’t.

I suggest for the purposes of putting miraculous cash into your life, you believe that it does exist and invest an hour to listen to The Easy Way – a Life Filled with Miracles to learn directly from people who manifest miracles in their daily lives easily.