Dr. Tom O’Bryan is an internationally recognized speaker and workshop leader specializing in Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac disease. He is a ‘Sherlock Homes’ clinician of chronic disease and metabolic disorders. He was the recent host of the paradigm shifting ‘The Gluten Summit – A Grain of Truth’ which brought together 29 of the world’s experts on Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.

Dr. Tom is truly passionate in his mission to educate patients and healthcare practitioners across the globe about the many possible manifestations of non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease. On this podcast, he walks us through the world of gluten and how it no longer is considered a disease of the small intestine or gut and there are a diverse range of conditions that may present as a result of Gluten Sensitivity – the news is not pretty but by listening  you will learn how to protect yourself.

There is some really valuable information on this podcast that educates on what gluten is all about, what it means to our health and what testing options there are that accurately reflect a Gluten Sensitivity. If you want to understand gluten in a way you never have before and learn how it affects your body, this episode is for you!

By listening to this podcast you will discover:

As we promised on the call, here are some resources for you:

To learn more about testing for Gluten Sensitivities, visit  Cyrex Tests and Arrays and look at Array 3 – Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity & Autoimmunity –  plus Dr. Tom mentioned other tests you can purchase, such as Array 5/Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen.

Dr. Tom says you can search for articles on the relationship of gluten and other medical conditions Here. For example, if you have migraines, type ‘gluten and migraine’ in the search bar.

View This  interesting article on the New Predictors of Disease.

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