Whether you know it or not, whether you feel it or not, you are under constant stress from the threat of global annihilation by climate change.  If you manage to forget for a moment that we, the developed countries, have signed the death warrant for Planet Earth, the news media are keen that you remember, and that you remain afraid and so take action. Hopefully, at least to consume more panic-stricken media.

Particularly this past week with the Paris COP21 meeting spewing dire predictions of global meltdown like a coal-fired power plant, this can take a real toll on your mental and physical health.

For some it is slight and for others, it is significant and damaging.  I recall the terror my young classmates and I felt under the threat of global nuclear war with Russia.  I assume young children around the world are similarly stressed today by fears of global destruction by carbon emissions.

I have the great privilege and honor of delivering the antidote to all this unnecessary stress.  Here it is:


I call it the indisputable scientific observation of global temperature trends over the past 70 years – or the facts for short – about climate change previously known to panic enthusiasts as global warming.  Turns out, whoopsie!, it’s all wrong.

You can relax now, breathe deeply, let the stress go.  The earth is not warming, the “scientific consensus”, ever wrong but never in doubt, was misguided by money and Euro-American leaders, pursuing power by promoting and managing crises, have been lying to you.

Now doesn’t that actually make more sense than armegeddon by plant food (CO2)?

Can you feel the knot of  fear in your chest unwinding?  Can you sense the dread and disgust that your children have had for us – the filthy, polluting and plundering older generation – beginning to lift?   Perhaps this will take a bit more time.  Younger people are slow to forgive threats made on their lives and future.  We elders are more used to it.  Remember the financial crisis, the insurance crisis and the income inequality crisis?

Well this is one crisis we can now put in the rearview mirror.

For more facts and less stress, read…


…and relax.