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Jo Dunning – Miracle Worker

Jo Dunning has an unusual ability to work with energy.

Although Jo worked many years in education and has received graduate degrees in psychology and education, her real life purpose began about 20 years ago after a traumatic event changed her life and her work forever.

As she recovered from this event Jo found that her understanding about life and spirituality had undergone a dramatic change and she was becoming much more compassionate and forgiving, transcending normal human emotions.  Along with this deep internal change and shift in world view, Jo also soon began to notice spontaneous healings occurring in those around her.

She soon began to discover that she had a very powerful energy flowing through her that could create instant healing in others. She also had experiences when she could see inside the physical body and repair broken bones, stop massive bleeding, close skin lacerations, stop brain trauma, reverse the effects of stroke and cerebral hemorrhage, release emotional trauma, relieve mental illness and clear the impact of difficult life experiences.

We invite you to experience Jo Dunning’s healing energy in a recent interview Adoley had with her on the Wellness Revolution.  And may this inspire healing miracles in your life.

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My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution


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