Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone and there is a laundry list of symptoms associated with this disease. On this podcast, Dr. Kevin Dobrzynksi, author of  “The Hypothyroid Diet” and a Thyroid Specialist, talks about these symptoms and how to reduce – or even eliminate them.

Dr. Kevin firmly believes that it is possible to have Hypothyroidism yet look and feel great and be symptom free. Through his years of research and experience, he discovered that thyroid medication doesn’t fix Hypothyroidism but that the right diet and supplements can.

On this podcast, hear about how his system is like a jumpstart for the thyroid and his diet is specific to those with Hypothyroidism. It shows thyroid suffers not only how to detox their body from harmful substances that interfere with thyroid hormone production, but how to eliminate food sensitivities, stabilize blood sugar and what supplements to use.

Dr. Kevin’s program has helped so many afflicted with Hypothyroidism (including his own wife) to gain energy, eliminate digestive upsets, reduce aches/pains, headaches, food cravings, brain fog and drop the weight they had been struggling to lose.  A lot of users start to feel normal again; they gain confidence and energy – which allows them to get back to life and enjoy the things they avoided because of Hypothyroidism. Whooo-Hoooo! Can’t beat that!

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

08:14 – Symptoms associated with Hypothyroidism

09:14 – Why your thyroid is the “key” to your body and metabolism

10:23 – Some visible signs that your body shows indicating the disease

26:18 – The jumpstart strategy to getting Hypothyroidism under control

26:55 – What the first step is to take if you think you may have a thyroid problem

30:42 – Testing For Hypothyroidism

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