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Kaitlyn Keyt – Have Some Fun Experimenting with Kaitlyn’s 9 Energy Tests

My Wellness Revolution

Kaitlyn Keyt, intuitive scientist, inventor, speaker and creator of VibesUP, a resource for vibrational energy education and tools, has transformed so many lives with her scientifically magical solutions that we can apply in our everyday lives for: aches and pains, neutralizing EMFs, our pets, athletes, skin, sleep and so much more.

Enjoy learning how to communicate with nature for answers to life’s questions. As you journey with Kaitlyn on this call, she explains how to expand your awareness of energy in relation to your body and environment. Find out how you can move back into balance, raise your vibration, explore your true potential and establish a totally new relationship with your world.

Have fun with the 9 experiments Kaitlyn guides you through to learn more about energy and to help you better understand how much your energetic vibration has a ripple effect from you, to those around you and beyond.

Kaitlyn’s discounted offers for this call are goody bags full of essential tools that are proven to deliver more energy, mental clarity and balance in your life – no doubt you will just want to own them all. Bring your physical and infinite being into alignment through infusing the use of these powerful Earth energy tools, sure to not only raise your vibration but provide incredible healing potential.

By listening to this replay you will discover:

  • That the cells of our body are liquid crystal semi- conductors programmable by their environment – they pick up whatever is around us.
  • The essential nature of the atom and how it can guide us to understand the key to finding balance.
  • How to make a “Scientific Magic Mud Pie” that generates millions of rays of energy per second.
  • More about energy and how to maximize it to your benefit.

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My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution


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