Felt source connection on-going
Enlightened awareness of self
“New Earth” awareness
Clarity of life purpose and mission
Knowing one’s own truth and integrity
Release from chronic stress, pain and anxiety
Freedom from duality and judgment
Deeper sense of compassion and wisdom
More joy, playfulness and lightness of being
Expression of in-born gifts and talents
Ability to help others with their self healing
Communion with ascended masters and archangels
Telepathy with Nature and elementals
Opening of all your “clair…..” channels
Much more…..


“Acceleration Into Possibility – breakthroughs into the clear light”.
This special call is an incredible opportunity to clear deep-rooted challenges and help align with your soul purpose and New Earth energies. Kenji leads you through an amazing Quantum experience and as you allow the Quantum state to hold you, you will receive a vibration allowing you to return to your original blueprint, directly connected to Source, the Unified Field, Zero Point Energy where optimal health and infinite possibilities become yours.