We moved to Sarasota, Florida three years ago.  Of the 25 cities with the most millionaires in the US, Sarasota ranks number 6 with over 17,000 millionaire households. It also has a homeless problem that a national expert called “off the charts” for a city its size.

Hundreds of people are living on the city’s sidewalks, alleys and vacant land, suffering themselves and disrupting businesses and residents in the heart of the downtown (business and tourist) area.  Despite countless meetings and reports by city officials, homeless advocates and business leaders, including the hiring of a national homeless expert for six figures the numbers of the homeless on the streets continue to rise.

The selflessness of people like Hailey Ford and her mom, although quite natural to them, is precious and rare and deserves attention in a world where behavior like theirs might seem foreign to most.

While some little kids are playing house, this 9-year-old girl is busy building houses for the homeless.

Posted by msnbc on Monday, June 1, 2015