Sometimes I just need to be reminded that it’s alright – that everything and everyone I meet are exactly the way they are intended to be. This is freedom.

It doesn’t mean I can’t work to improve things, but I can relax in this knowledge and appreciate that underneath the way things sometimes appear, is an incredible and beautiful life that I am – and that we are all – gifted with.

My personal guiding light is a man named Michael Bernard Beckwith – The Rev. I’ve seen and heard many speakers and even enlightened leaders but The Rev, for me, never fails to take me to the peaceful recognition of the magnificent life I have – no matter what appears to be happening.

And so, the greatest gift I can give you now, an inspiration for your week, is this video of The Rev from his album TranscenDance – available through Amazon.

Be sure to share this video with your friends, family and colleagues around the world. We can make a difference.