The news is filled with people who focus on the seemingly intractable problems we face.  As you know, energy flows where your attention goes.  Too often we focus more on our problems than on the solutions that are all around us. 

Your Miracle Monday focuses on two stories that reveal how 
solution-based thinking can be the source of miracles.

Picture solution-based thinking, or more accurately, solution-based awareness – as a tree where miracles grow and ripen.

An eighth grader from California, put his Lego skills to work by inventing a low-cost Braille printer using little more than a plastic robotic kit, printer parts and a computer chip.

Shubham Banerjee created the machine for a school science project after learning that a typical Braille printer costs $2,000, far too expensive for the many blind readers who simply want to print out letters, documents and labels.

Tech giant, Intel was so impressed with Shubham’s invention that it has provided the funding to help him develop it for the mass market. At 13, he is the youngest entrepreneur to receive venture capital, money invested in exchange for a financial stake in his company.

The first Braigo should be available to consumers later this year and Shubham plans to sell them for about $350.00.  “I don’t really care about money,” he said. “I just care about the lives that I’m potentially helping.” 

Can you feel Subham’s heart-centered awareness of a solution?

His awareness was on a solution, not the problem – a subtle but miracle-producing shift in thinking.

Click below to watch Subham tell his story to his Intel investors.

On to an inspiration of another kind… A British grandfather who survived three types of cancer is celebrating after completing an epic 138-mile charity trek to the South Pole recently.

Battling temperatures as low as 40 below zero, Patrick and a guide carried all supplies and equipment themselves, walking 12 miles a day in order to get the South Pole in only 11 days. Patrick raised $100,000 for cancer research in the process.


Patrick’s goal and mission was to get people thinking and talking about their health and reacting quickly to any symptoms. He hopes to prove that with early diagnosis, it is possible to return to an invigorated life after cancer.

pat1Congrats Patrick! You are a true miracle worker!

Patrick’s mission is to get people thinking and talking about their health and reacting quickly to any symptoms. He knows that with early action, it is possible to return to an invigorated, even miraculous life after cancer.

He wants people to shift their awareness as quickly as possible to solutionsand not to dwell on, or worse, avoid their “problem”.

Young or old, sick or well, you can pluck miracles too from the tree called solution-based thinking. It’s the easy way.

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Have a miraculous week,