How did it happen?  In a few short weeks, I’ve gone from furrowed brow skeptic to wide-eyed enthusiast.  I have been enlightened.  I’ve been blessed with the understanding of religious mystics and native shamans. I have learned  about the science of the last 50 years that has proven the actual, physical power of human thought.

And before I forget, the source of my enlightenment, the brilliant Lynne McTaggart is going to be speaking as our honored guest on the Wellness Revolution starting in September!   Be sure to invite your friends to register for it –

Now, since Lynne has opened my eyes to the facts, I have to believe (You see how I still hold on to the doubt?) that prayer works, that insight, foresight and hindsight are valid, that meditation and intention are tools for changing myself and the world. Unbelievable!  (See, I still can’t quite believe it.)

The hippies (of which I was one) of the 1970’s were right – love and intending love – can bring peace to the world.  By opening our hearts and directing our minds we can change things. 

I have been reading the work of Lynne McTaggart, the brilliant science reporter who has written three of the most important books of my enlightenment – The Field, The Intention Experiment and The BondI invite you to enjoy these world-changing works. 

Here is Lynne, explaining her work regarding intention and happiness.