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Miracle Monday – Your Inspiration this Week is Me!

My Wellness Revolution
I was 16. I’d just quit high school in Pennsylvania, hitchhiked to San Francisco and was living in a $15 a week hotel room in the sex trade area of North Beach.  What fun!  And what an education – even though I was not buying or selling.

One night I wrote a poem in which I imagined I was 60 years old and regretting that I’d never written my father’s life story. Odd poem, in an unusual situation, for perhaps a somewhat odd young man.

But not too long after that I started to work against that vision of my future. That’s me. I’m good at fighting against things – not too good at striving FOR things. Maybe I’m too much of a hobo – pretty much content to just watch the world go by and be happy with whatever I have and wherever I find myself.

Today, 45 years later I can tell you that I’ve succeeded. I’ve changed that depressing image of my future. I have completed the story of my father’s life – even though it has taken me all this time.

I guess you could say I was playing the long game.

I want to give you this book called MR. COPACABANA for free, hopefully as an inspiration to you. The inspiration is this – that even if you’re an odd-ball or late bloomer like me – you can make your future the one you want.

Now, enjoy this story from an odd but happy hobo.

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My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution

My Wellness Revolution


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My Wellness Revolution

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