We spent a wonderful holiday season in Switzerland enjoying the natural beauty of the Alps and the company our dear friends and Jim’s godson.

Barbara is a nurse there and has worked for years in the US as well, so we got to talking about the natural cures available in Switzerland and throughout Europe that aren’t available in the United States.

We were astounded at the number of diseases that are being successfully treated with low cost, non-invasive procedures and natural substances – like mistletoe – just a holiday ornament in the US – that is a highly effective cancer treatment in Germany and throughout Europe.

The Monday Miracle we want to reveal to you today is something you should know about – a highly effective treatment for many kinds of cancers using only heat. It is called Hyperthermia and is practiced very successfully in a number of German medical clinics.

This is targeted heat in the temperature range of a normal fever, so it is completely safe, and according to Dr. Robert W. Gorter, M.D., PhD of the Medical Center of Cologne, Germany, about 96% of his patients have achieved partial or complete long term remission and are enjoying many years of productive, quality life.

In 1985, US President Ronald Reagan used German clinics for successful cancer treatment. He never even lost his signature pompadour hair during treatment.

Here’s what our frequent guest speaker Dr. Harvey Kaltsas, past president of the American Association of Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine says about this:

Why Hyperthermia? Because the outer membrane of cancer cells is weakened dramatically by heat, and only 30% as much chemo is needed when used in conjunction. Of course this only makes sense in a country like Germany where doctors don’t make a profit on the markup between the wholesale and retail cost of chemotherapy agents, as they do in the USA.”

We urge you learn more about these treatments and let’s tell everyone we know to help bring them to the United States.

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If you need to take action for yourself or a loved one and safely use Hyperthermia at home, please visit our friends at Truly Healing to view their therapeutic, far infra-red sauna.

Here’s a success story from a US patient using a German clinic:

I went to the Hufeland German Cancer Klinik in March-April 2010 for 6 weeks, July 2010 for 3 weeks, and November 2010 for 3 weeks.

My follow-up treatment in March-April 2011 was great. I had a successful 9th fever therapy treatment. The ultrasound diagnostics taken on me look great, my tumor markers are extremely low and my follow-up blood work back in the States was nearly perfect!

I will return to Hufeland Klinik in July and have a 10th fever treatment. My plan is to then return to the clinic once a year for follow-up and a fever push or two. I continue on their maintenance plan and I work with naturopaths stateside to continue care.

Wonderful choice for me! Never missed a beat choreographing gymnastics since diagnosis.” ~ Mrs. Kris Merlo Robinson