Nadine Artemis' Special Offer for Wellness Revolution 2012

Heal the "Gateway to Your Body" and Save a Fortune on Dentist and Doctor Bills

Use These Revolutionary Formulas to Have the Healthiest Mouth Ever

Nadine’s Oral Care Kit includes:

  • Healthy Gum Drops Tooth Serum 
  • Healthy Gums Ozonated Gel 
  • Neem Enamelizer Liquid Polish 
  • Successful Self-Dentistry Ebook 
  • Tooth Truth Powder Polish 
  • Smart Floss
  • 8 Successful Steps Decal 
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Here’s a detailed look at the Kit

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Item 1 Healthy Gum Drops Tooth Serum (15ml size) Value $80 

Healthy Gum Drops help you to have the healthiest mouth ever. Happy, healthy teeth and gums allow the full enjoyment of life’s sensuality. Your mouth is a reflection of your overall health. At last, a truly effective oral ecology product to reach every tiny crevice in your mouth.

If you like flossing, you will love Healthy Gum Drops!
If you don’t like flossing, you will love Healthy Gum Drops!

For the healthiest gums use these formulas for brushing, flossing, massaging gums, mouth-rinses, proxa-brushes, sulca-brushes, rubber-tip stimulators to overcome sensitive teeth, to ease the recovery of oral surgery, and for general overall cavity prevention.

Healthy Gum Drops contains super-critical extracts and essences of seabuckthorn berry, rose otto, oregano, peppermint, clove, tea tree, cinnamon, and thyme linalool. These organic and wil