Sleep Deprived?

Are you sleep deprived?  It’s a miserable state to be in. Chronic sleeplessness is debilitating and affects your health and wellbeing. Jim is putting on weight for the first time in his life, eating in the middle of the night, because his sleep cycle has been so erratic for the last 3 months and he […]

Quick Easy Technique to Boost Your Energy AND Calm You Down

Did you know that throughout the day, we predominantly breathe through one or the other nostril?  Your body regulates your energy and emotional states by switching your dominant nostril every 90 or 150 minutes. A simple and effective way to switch your energy is to breathe through the nostril of your choice for just 3 minutes. […]

Take a Deep Breath….

Has a piece of music ever lifted your spirits, changed your mood and even transported you back to another time and place so you experienced it as if it were happening right now? Have you have experienced the power of sound to heal? This weekend I had a bad headache because I was experiencing the […]

My #1 Skin Secret

Do you have those days when you look at the mirror and think: “Yikes. What ever happened to my neck?!” Your skin is sagging, wrinkles are forming and your hair is thinning – welcome to the aging process. That’s life. And you might as well resign yourself to it. Let’s face it, no matter what […]

You must read this

Newsletter Vol 1 #1 2016 MIRACLE MONDAY Adoley Recommends: Ghost Boy a memoir by Martin Pistorius Have you ever have those times when life’s “a perfect storm” with so many challenges happening at the same time it feels like it would take a miracle to shift it all? I sure have. You can get so […]

Instant Global Stress Reduction

Whether you know it or not, whether you feel it or not, you are under constant stress from the threat of global annihilation by climate change.  If you manage to forget for a moment that we, the developed countries, have signed the death warrant for Planet Earth, the news media are keen that you remember, and […]

Are You Still Having Mammograms? If So, You Must Read This!

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women and one in eight of us has a chance of developing cancer. My Sister in Law died of breast cancer as did her mother and sister. I have two nieces that I love dearly so breast health is a vital topic to me. Recently […]