On this empowering call with Panache Desai, he is introducing his very first book, “Discovering Your Soul Signature”.  The book gives readers a day-by-day spiritual roadmap to confront negative emotions and overcome them energetically in a way that allows us to tap into a deeper sense of worth and well-being.

Each of us has our own unique personal story involving anything from insecurity to the prospect of losing a job, physical illness, emotional suffering, divorce, the death of loved ones and even our own mortality. Today, as we face everything from a fragile economy to traumatic news events, many of us struggle to cope with feelings of fear and anxiety, guilt, depression and addictions.

You will hear on the call how Panache Desai truly understands these emotional and spiritual challenges and tells us how to harness the power of our authentic self through our unique soul signature—our spiritual DNA—and to be guided by our true purpose. He emphasizes that when we feel our lives may be falling apart or risk being overrun by these powerful emotions, it is there we can connect to who we truly are and where we find the certainty and peace that comes from within our core and there we can face and rise above life’s obstacles.

All of us at some point in our lives may have been stuck in a rut, wondering “Why am I here?” and may be consumed with worry over our  future.  Listen in to hear how Panache touches us with grace on this replay to help us re-establish who we are, who we want to be and to make that break-through in reclaiming our authentic self.

By listening to this replay you will discover:

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