The Wellness Revolution was so grateful to have Panache Desai, a brilliant spiritual teacher and contemporary thought leader join us again, this time for our  sixth annual WOW! (Wellness, Oneness, Wealth) telesummit. Having him on the show is always so special because it is like sitting down with a good friend who always seems to remind us just how brilliant we truly are and how we all shine individually so brightly.

On this podcast, Panache talks about Activating Soulfulness: Igniting Your Limitless Possibility and how it is your soul that resonates at the highest level of possibility which can make anything attainable. He believes the time has come to activate your infinite soulfulness and catapult your vibration and frequency into the Universe, breaking through your emotional density and the heaviness that keeps you locked in a life that doesn’t reflect your divine limitless potential.

Listen in to learn more how Awakening To Your Miraculous Life, a powerful series Panache created, can guide you into a beautiful life of vibrational increase and empower you to meet life soulfully, welcoming you to access exponential increase, grace and ease. Remember, you are a vibrational being, living in a vibrational world.

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

4:25    What is soulfulness?
7:00    Why Do Bad Things Happen?
7:45    Significance of Vibrational Density
9:15     An Invitation To Go Deeper
10:45   Clearing/Meditation For Challenges of Being Stuck
15:53   How To Move Forward From Traumatic Events
20:00   About Embracing Ourselves
22:50   The Modern World And The Truth Of Who We Are
25:30   How To Live An Authentic Life
30:40   Being An Individual Rooted In Love
39:26   The Definition of Embracing
41:50   Cultivating An Inclusive Relationship With Yourself
43:00   Q & A
45:00  Talk….The Truth? Or “BS”?

Our festival of WOW! (Wellness, Oneness, Wealth!) continues over the next few months as we are joined by some of the top spiritual leaders and visionaries in the world. So if you haven’t registered yet to take this blissful journey with us, then please do so and spread the word. Here’s where to sign up to get in and receive your bonus gifts valued at over $500.00!