Here’s something you may not have ever thought about regarding health care plans – if you had health assurance, meaning confidence that you could overcome ANY disease, you wouldn’t need almost all health insurance.

This simple but profound shift in perception is the dawning age of health freedom that is upon us.  It is possible to be completely self-reliant and “off the grid” of our fractured medical system – at least the most burdensome parts of it.

You can now be your own doctor, dentist and drug store.   Hard to believe, maybe, but once you hear the pioneer in this global health movement – Maria Whalen – you may believe, as she does, that “My body can overcome any disease.”

Are you ready for this level of health freedom?  Are you ready for total health assurance that can eliminate all but the most basic catastrophic health care plans from your life?

We are happy to have Maria Whalen back joining us on the Wellness Revolution. Once again, she is inviting us to journey with  her for empowerment from any sickness to optimal health.

Maria’s experience was from a hopeless patient, to a health practitioner, to emerging as the passionate inventor of an unprecedented approach to health. She is sharing her innovative, systematic program with us on this podcast that provides the foundational tools to equip anyone to take control of their own health and realize a life free of illness and disease…..hopefully as prevention, before it hits.

Maria’s conviction is that everyone can be armed with the right tools to be their own health practitioner for life. Maria knows it’s possible because she initiated her own health transformation twenty years ago when both Western and alternative medicine failed her.

Maria is a pioneer in this field and this program takes the guess work out of alternative medicine and gives you step-by-step, guided instructions that are tailored to you and your needs. Maria will spill the beans on all the secrets for true healing and help you connect the dots no matter where you are starting from.

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Podcast Highlights-At-A-Glance

11:36 – What Exactly is Health Freedom?
12:36 – What is Keeping People From Achieving Health Freedom?
18:32 – Two Questions You Always Want to Ask Yourself
22:26 – How Maria Came To Heal Herself
24:20 – The Government’s Healthcare System
29:20 – Common Results Using the Program
32:04 – Money Saved From Using the Program
40:00 – If You Were Not Born With It, You Can Heal It
43:57 – Dental Work
45:39 – Ridding Ailments and Prevention
49:00 – Signing up for her Workshop
52:00 – Infertility
59:00 – Do What You Can Control to Your Health and Your Family’s

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