Imagine being able to tap into the unlimited abundance of universal energy any time you wish, to bring about the results you’ve always been seeking, but without the roadblocks and detours you’ve encountered so often in the past. It would be awesome right?

Listen to the podcast below to hear how the advanced technology of Sacred Geometry expands awareness, enhances your relationships and activates your purpose:

Joining The Wellness Revolution on this podcast is Gregory Hoag, scientist and bestselling author and his wife, Gail, a health consultant and spiritual intuitive. They are leading experts on Sacred Geometric technologies for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting intention and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference. Gregory and Gail will show you how you can transform your life and relationships by evolving your heart connection.

They create unique and beautiful energetic tools that deepen the connection to Source energy, expand the heart and heal the body and spirit – like the beautiful pendants seen here:


Listen and learn how to:

• Live life from the wisdom of your heart
• Increase Focus and Manifestation
• Foster Intuition and Creativity
• Greater Joy in Your Life and Relationships
• Feel More Energetic and Centered
• Access Greater Awareness
• And much more ……..

This means no more frustration, doubt or uncertainty about what you want, how to get it and when it will arrive. When you’re operating at a higher frequency with open heart, all difficulties fall away and the results you seek are revealed.

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