The Wellness Revolution welcomed Sara Gottfried, M.D., a practicing integrative physician and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Hormone Cure. Dr. Sara’s mission is to help women feel sexy, vital and balanced from their cells to their souls.

Whether that means getting your weight right where you want it or getting your energy and sex drive maximized but doing it all naturally and safe. It is possible to get it all working for you, not against you, and………. you can do it in as little as four weeks.

So if you want to shift from feeling “OK” to living your life fully and authentically from the heart AND bringing your sexy back, then listen to this podcast with Dr. Sara to find out how to reclaim some rockin’ energy, love your body and put the vroom back in your sex drive (with no “X” rating attached….).

Podcast Highlights At-A-Glance:

7:20 Percent of Women Suffering From Low Sex Drive
9:40 Synthetic Hormones Vs. Natural Hormones
11:35 How Your Sexuality is a Portal To Other Areas of Your Life
12:30 The Root Cause of Why We Struggle With Issues
14:15 Wholeness and Integration
17:35 Adrenal Fatigue
23:45 How Do We Know If We Have a Hormone Issue
24:37 Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Out If You Have a Hormone Problem
26:11 Treating Common Issues
27:30 Natural Estrogens
30:00 Dr. Sara’s Commitment To Her Course
31:07 Low Thyroid Function
32:30 Tips To Incorporate Into Your Life
35:11 Getting “IT” Back After Pregnancy
39:18 The Male Perspective After Pregnancy
43:33 The ‘Catch 22’ of Sex Between Partners
45:13 Post Menopause and The Sex Drive Myth
48:55 For ‘All The Single Ladies”
51:35 The Sexuality Chakra
53:24 All About Dr. Sara’s Home Study Program
64:18 Small Hint About Dr. Sara’s New Upcoming Un-diet Book

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